Traditional Wedding in Paleomanina | Giorgos - Athena


There are certain regions in west-central Greece, next to the river Acheloos, where the Vlach/Aromanian language is still spoken by the elder locals. In these small villages, built by nomads at the end of the 19th century, many of the social traditions and rituals are still respected today. Younger couples from these regions strive to find a balance between folklore, tradition and the modern social acquaintancies.

Last summer we have visited Paleomanina of Acarnania, which is the largest of the six Vlach villages of the region, for the wedding of Athena and Giorgos. We have told the story of this couple in the pages of our photo album that you can see below, as well as in the video that follows. Our album has been awarded with the Grand Award Album, as well as with the First position in the Wedding Album Category, whereas one picture from this album took the second position in the Wedding Reportage category, in the recent WPV Convention 2016 that was held in Athens.